Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lost & Found Child: From NJ to Toby Dawson

At the age of 4, I walked out of the house to buy some gum around 9am. Got lost. Police search began. Reunited with family at 5pm.

Now being a parent myself, can you imagine the horror a parent feels when they lose a kid?

I lost Caleb at Barnes & Noble for 3 mins. I thought my life was ending. I couldn't implant a chip like like M does for 007, so I got a sterling silver bracelet engraved with his first name and my phone number.

Can you see it on his left hand?

The story of Toby Dawson never ceases to bring tears to my eyes. A little boy lost in Pusan, South Korea. His parents searched for him for 3 years and even went to the orphanage that he was in. The staff denied their request to see the children to look for him. He later was adopted to Ski coaches and became an Olympic skier. He won the bronze for USA and was able to find his father who still lived in Pusan as a truck driver. The dad still had all his baby photos and passed by the orphange often, wondering about his little boy. The parents got divorced (can you imagine the stress on a marriage after losing a child?). Toby always wondered why he had such long sideburns, and after meeting his dad, it made sense.

 Toby's story

Lesson Learned:

My prayer is "Lord, help to raise my child well. And when my hands cannot reach, I pray Your hands will."



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  1. so THAT'S the story to Caleb's bracelet! So cute, Jessica. I have yet to lose Jamie, but she's still a crawler :) I had never heard of Toby Dawson - so so sad.