Thursday, May 24, 2012

Craigslist Finds: Sodor Island

I worked at a group practice back in Los Angeles. During one of our last lunches there, my supervisor/mentor whispered into my ear, "Get ready for Thomas." Little did I know, she was foreshadowing the inevitable transformation into the Thomas-the-train-obsessed boy that our little boys will face.

It's like listening to a 12-year-old boy's voice grow deeper.
It's like realizing your kid's jeans are flooding 2 inches and wondering, "When did this happen?"
It's the quiet but shocking realization your baby is not a baby anymore...but a little boy.

I don't have 75 bucks to drop every Target trip on Thomas. So I scoured Craigslist and found a lady who had collected almost everything.

We talked on the phone. She was sad to sell. But it's not really about Thomas. It's about how our boys are growing up so fast. Her son said to her, "Mom, I'd like for you to get rid of my Thomas table. I'm ready for a Lego table." It was one of those defining moments for her that her little boy wasn't so little anymore. I felt the same.

So we made the deal happen. We emailed a few times even after the transaction, which I never do, because it was really a sentimental exchange. She was inviting me into the Thomas world as she was exiting.

This is just the first batch of trains. Disinfecting...

The previous owner laid out and nail gunned the tracks in one of the several official TTT (Thomas the Train) configurations. Really??? I didn't know that existed. 

I added more rails and all of the little shops.

Engine wash

The Honey Factory

They buzz around...

Tidmouth Sheds!!!

The bridge moves up and down

Cranky the Crane? Idk...

James is vain but lots of fun... (Trees from Nara's Party)


Lesson Learned:

I never knew how much I loved playing with trains.



  1. What a find Jess. Queen of the Craigslist world!! Caleby- you have an awesome umma!!

  2. Thank you for crowning me queen of CL. I accept.