Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Greenhouse

Los Angeles
Buy potting mix.
Buy plants and containers.
Done in 20 mins.

New Jersey
Till the soil.
Pull weeds.
Remove stones.
Shoo deer.
Shoo vicious squirrels.
Fill groundhog holes.
So many dang bugs.
Done in 2 weeks with a backache.

Both are enjoyable, but the animals and critters are really hard to control. Deer fencing works, but if I were going to pay for deer fencing on someone else's land, might as well get a greenhouse so I can garden throughout the winter.

So Grandpaly and the family made it happen.

Bought lumber and parked out in the field

My laborers unloading, aka mother-in-law & father-in-law

Chief wondering, "When will this end? I'm a white-collar man. My body can't handle this manual labor..."

Needed to pull the grass. So heavy I tell ya!

"Nice job, guys. Keep it up." he sips on his pouch.

The frame is up. Took us a whole day just to pull that corner of grass.

The vinyl is going up. Made the mistake of buying 6mm vinyl which only allows 45% sunlight. Changed to 3.5mm which allows 85%. 

Chief working late into the night to till that new jersey soil.

Has a door and everything. Hope it works. 

What was I doing? Cutting wild flowers and taking pictures. Something to that effect.

We will see if this works...

Lesson learned:
I really appreciate farmers.




  1. Looooove!!!! You guys are craftsman now. What are you going to build next??? Tree house!!!

  2. Wow! You guys amaze me again! I live in jersey and have a backyard a tiny one but we still use the pots bc we are too lazy. How do you even think about these things to do? Is your father in law a carpenter?

  3. wow jessica! its just business now. hahah we need to visit you out there so we can come back with some skills! free tutorial?? haha. can't wait till june!

  4. oops that was sue who just commented!

  5. haha dude you guys are no longer city people! jess, I think you found your sweet spot- nature + woods + tools = Jess' workshop... so fun! i love it all!.. are you in-laws still there?