Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Craigslist Find: Long Dresser

Growing up, TVs were like a box of kleenex, a trashcan, or a pillow--things that are nice to have in every room and somewhat convenient/comforting. There was a TV in every major room. Maybe that's why it was me who fell in love with our Samsung 52 inch.

The only problem is that it is MASSIVE. The dresser it is sitting on is about 65 inches, but it still didn't really allow for any extra space.

I found this 74 inch dresser on craigslist. I went over to their house and it was a 25-acre mansion. They couldn't even hear the doorbell ring, so I went to the back of the house where the help probably lived and the owners lived there to save heating costs. For reals??? Ok, anyways, we hung out for a few hours, talked politics, met their whole family, toured their house, and got the dresser. They're downgrading their possessions and selling their empty nest.

Same thing I tell young college ladies, "Don't look for the finished product; just look for potential."

With several weeks of hard work in the cold...you can see some progress. The hardest part was putting on these antique handles. Thank goodness Alex (and Caleb) was here to help.

Caleb handing daddy the pull cups

Me helping a lot while sipping my coconut water

My supervisor checking my work

And finally.....

This was inspired by Life in the Fun Lane

More room...

I wanted to add something to line the drawers. So added a Waverly fabric in heavy cotton with modpodge.

The cups and pulls are antique brass made in Italy.

Lesson learned in this hunt:

Build a large house in heaven, keep your house on earth smaller or else you'll end up trying to sell during a recession and your grown/married kids will try to live with you.




  1. hahahaha....look at caleb helping!

  2. amazing end product jess! AGH! inspiring.

  3. haha oops its me sue actually :)

  4. this is so far my favorite piece! this piece looks amazing! i've been looking for a buffet table this size.