Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Farm House Table

Before I got married, I used to live in a "half-studio" that was the size of the smallest Uhaul truck you can rent. If I lie down in the middle of the room, I could touch all four walls within one roll. And yet, it worked for me and I was happy.

Then, a month before I the wedding date, all these adults (Korean) started to say, "When are you going to pick out your furniture?" What, my twin bed and ikea dresser ain't enough once I'm married? So within a day, I picked out all the adult furniture I was supposed to have as a married woman.

However, I felt like I was living in someone else's house! With everyday, every year that passed by, we still felt like we could not comfortably place a cold drink on the dining table without a coaster. So six years later, we decided to build a table that we would love and be comfortable with.

Bought lumber from home depot, calculated some numbers, and built this during the winter.

I love the "X" legs. They were hand chiseled and fitted together.  

We rounded the corners so that we can avoid any bloody toddler foreheads.

 I stained it in weathered oak which has gray tones and lightly finished with polycrylic.

Also built a bench. This is before it was finished and reupholstered.

I made Chief cut circles for the fabric buttons on the bench.

Still got some work left to do on this bench, but this is it so far.

My favorite part of this set are the chairs. These are chairs from Restoration Hardware. They practically cost my entire Roth IRA. I just couldn't spend that much for chairs. I'm the household CEO and decide on the spending, but the guy I'm married to is the CFO and finances the spending. He has veto power.

So I sold a solid wood dining table, 6 leather chairs, and a modern bookcase through Craigslist and finally had enough money to buy the chairs and bought em.

Eventually, a rug under the table would be nice, but for now, I really like to sweep and mop under the table since we've got spillers old and young. So I felted the bottom of the legs for a smooth surface.

Our very first time using the table was with our good ol friend, Pastor Bryan!

Lesson learned:
Nice furniture is great. Good company to use the furniture with is even better.

Note: Chief asked why he is called "Chief." It's because he drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee.




  1. Jessica, your blog is wonderful!. Can you and Chief build Jim and me a dining table when we get a place of our own? :)

  2. We would gladly! Well I would probably make Mike build it while I supervise. Haha just kidding.

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  4. this is so awesome! i want to see more!!! you inspire me! i created a blog when elijah was about 6 months and then i never even finished my first blog!

  5. hey my comment got erased... anyway, i love this!! i would love to see other projects! i want to start posting about my projects :)

  6. best blog ever. I can't believe my sister is so good at blogging and building.

  7. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!! You're so talented! (and I love how and why you refer to Mike as "chief"! Haha)