Saturday, March 30, 2013

Infant Carseat Canopy

While moving cross country, I gave away most of my baby gear. I realized the one thing I really needed was a carseat so I can bring the baby home from the hospital. Hm...pretty important. So my friends here in NJ graciously offered me to borrow theirs during the months they were not in use.

Luckily, during my trip to LA, my friend Alice offered me her carseat, bases, and stroller. So guess who lugged all that back to NJ? Yup, I love exception items. Ships free.

It inspired me to make a carseat canopy. It was the most useful baby shower gift I received about 3 years ago, so I made one with some improvements.

Love this pattern...

Polka dot velcro straps

Added elastic in the back so it won't fly open in the cold winter months

Warm and natural cotton on the flip side

Lesson Learned:

-Don't ask my mom to help me carry 6 pieces of luggage and toddler. She's been sick for a week. Ask my dad.