Friday, December 16, 2011

Korean 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy.

It seemed like yesterday your daddy and I bundled you up in 4 swaddle blankets as we exited the hospital on a warm day in July with temperatures soaring in the high 90's. But you didn't complain. You slept peacefully and quietly. So quiet, that I worried that I broke I checked about 20 times to see if you were still breathing.

Now, you're running around in the Cerritos Public Library, the place your mommy used to write her MUN speeches at because she needed the encyclopedia, because we didn't have google back then. You're a big boy now, with friends of your own. Happy birthday my dear boy. Looking forward to many more to come.



2 tiered cupcake stand on paper plates using terracotta pots in Martha Stewart wrapping paper

Balloon friends

Doljabi: Caleb, you are free to be whatever you choose, but just letting you know the occupation to your right pays a lot better than a scholar.

Fondant cake by Michelle Kim at


Sporting Burberry

Used wrapped boxes to fill space (it's a really large stage)

Closing Thoughts: My next kid's dohl will be with a theme where I can wear jeans and less makeup. 


  1. aww great blog post jess! i miss you guyssss <3

  2. Awh, thanks Ally! Miss you, too! Look how much Bennett grew from this picture!