Saturday, October 13, 2012

Craigslist Find: Extremely Long Vintage Dresser

You know that book that goes something like..."If you give a mouse a cookie..." then you have to do a whole lot of other things..

Well this is one of those things.

I love my HP1020 Laser Black Ink Printer. It's printed over 1000's of pages for my dissertation drafts over the years. It usually sits in my dining room floor. I felt like we needed a place for it to a nice home that it deserves.

So, my bright idea was to buy a huge dresser that I can hide the printer in (Mind you, this printer is really tall and wide and no modern dresser fits this type of printer in a drawer).

Couple restless nights later, I found a vintage dresser that was over 70 inches. It had drawers and cabinet space of the printer. I can't find the original picture anymore because it was so long ago (It's been about 4 mos on this project). But it was pretty heinous.

After lots of sanding, priming, and coats of paint, it looked like this.

The paint color was "metal" or something by Waverly.
Chief busted out the middle divider so that the printer would fit.

Tito watching the Asian Handy Manny at work.

It was ok, but just wasn't loving it. My whole philosophy on turning my house upside down is to not live with something I can tolerate, but to live with things I actually love.
An aside: my first year of college, a young man asked me out on a date. I told my HS bible study teacher about him and described him as "I don't love him but I can tolerate him." The wise sage told me to stay far away from finding a partner you can tolerate and to look for someone you really love. What a wise old soul, huh.
Same thing applies to dressers.
So I ripped it apart, sanded, and re-painted with a color I didn't expect to like, but actually fell in love with. Much like life.
But I skipped the process of priming, thinking I could just wing it and sure enough it was peeling by the next day. So this time, the whole family sanded the whole thing down to its bare wood and did it right the third time around. Much like and learn.
So here it is now:

With sunflowers we grew from seeds. Attached gold hammered knobs.
It's a huge dresser. Hello Kitty's face on the pumpkin.
There's my printer!!! with a paper drawer underneath.
Notice I still use my 1999 discman. Drilled holes behind the dresser and linked it to my ipod player on top w a minijack.
Lined with something spunky inside.

The hard part was moving the dresser. We had to load it in the jeep and drive it as close to the house as possible. Then lined the floors with plastic vinyl and slid it across with towels underneath. About three times. I'm very thankful Chief is still married to me. 
Lesson Learned:
Love it, or get rid of it. If possible.

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  1. love the dresser. love the color. love the lesson