Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chalkboard Dining

It's 6:50 am. My mom wakes us up and says, "It's 7:10! You're late for school." She did this everyday. Yet, everyday, we jolt up and race to get ready because we think we're late. I guess she liked seeing us work fast.

It's 7:30pm. Mom calls out, "Dinner's ready! Come down!" We come done and dinner is NOT ready. Yet, she calls for us 15 minutes in advance so that when we actually do come down, dinner will be ready.

After becoming a mom, I understand the time constraints and the pressure to move a whole family on schedule. So, decided we're going to have a chalkboard in the dining room so that everyone will be doodling together nearby while I prep dinner.

Our chalkboard in dining room

Picked up some hardboard and trim at Home Depot and made the chalkboard.

The trim was pine white so it needed a stain...but I didn't want to buy a whole pint of stain...

So I made this concoction: vinegar, rust, and old nails over 2 days

At first, I was disappointed bc I didn't see any stain. But came back in 30 mins and WAH-LAH!
Homemade Wood Stain!

Putting up the chalkboard was really hard. Drilled 8 holes within 2 inches of each other...finally decided to use some cardboard and tape to get it level. Ugh.

Nice reminder for a cranky couple who were extremely irritable at the end of the project.

Lesson learned:

1. Should've helped mom set the table.
2. Don't do any projects with the spouse past mindnight.




  1. sooo cute, jess!!!

  2. 1st and 6th pictures look like something out of a magazine. I love the homemade stain!

  3. doode.. speak for yourself.. you jolted down.. i did not..

    Anyways.. cool chalkboard.. joanne knows the rule not to do projects past 10 PM