Friday, September 6, 2013

Craigslist Find: Wingback Chair Sold!

Thought: There's an article I read long ago about how there so much "stuff" in this world that you really don't need to make more "stuff" but people want to buy new and get updated stuff. When it comes to underwear, I want new. When it comes to other things, I think sharing, re-using, recycling can be good for the environment.

 Now that we moved homes, I felt that we needed to use the work space as a real garage especially with a new infant and east coast winters. So I decided to sell a lot of my projects. It was quite sad to see these go, but I'm happy people value what I transformed.

Wing back Chair


Gave the Playground away

Vintage Gray Buffet


Otherwise, I'm very busy sewing up my son's blankie regularly. Gotta make this thing last till college at least.