Friday, December 16, 2011

Craigslist Find: Rolltop Desk

My motto: It is easier to hide stuff, than to clean stuff.

So, searched for the perfect rolltop desk.


1. It has to be able to hide my stuff so I don't have to clean.

2. I prefer it to be small to be functional because Chief and I don't use desks anymore. We plop down on the couch to do any work. If we're serious, we use the dining table. But this is rare, too. So we need a "storage desk."

3. Should be kind of distinctive in features, not too generic and bulky.

So this is what I found:

It even had a cool pencil sharpener!

So this desk is from the 1950's. It was a child-sized desk used in a school. It passed my criteria for a redo:

1. It's old, but not too old where I would strip the value if I refinished it.

2. It's more valuable to me redone than as is.

It's not complete (still need to add more hardware and stuff), but here is progress!

What was done: sanded, hammered off old drawer handles, sanded, wiped clean, primed, sanded, primed, sanded, spray painted, sanded, spray painted, sanded, poly-acrylic added, sanded, sharpener in acid cleaner, scrubbed.

(Chief, you begged me to give you hints on what I wanted for Xmas. Maybe an orbital sander.)

To be done: add hardware, line drawers, maybe redo the whole color with an ivory rather than bright white...we'll see.




  1. Hi Sunny Luna - this is too cool. You inspire me : )

  2. So funny how you wrote this on Elijah's 1st birthday!!!