Friday, December 16, 2011

Craigslist Find: The Vanity

I used to live in LA. Now, I live on farmland…in NJ. Big change. We trek 1/2 a mile to put our trashcan out on the curb. It’s really gloomy these days, but strangely, natives here rave about how the weather has been so nice. Before I get Seasonal Affect Disorder, I thought…”I need a hobby.”

So I decided to look into antiques. Yes, Pawn Stars and Storage Wars have done a number on me.

So, this is my big craigslist find! Basically, a young guy stopped his friend from throwing out his grandma’s old vanity that was being unused. It was listed on Craigslist for a while and he was eager for more garage space.

When Chief picked up the dresser, he said, “I could see why you like it.” That was it. That’s all I needed for my weekly verbal affirmation. He was impressed.

So we looked at every detail to find out more information. There was no label or branding. After reading a website on how to identify furniture, we found the numbers 534 in the back of the vanity.

According to the Biddington Chart, the patent date traced to 1837. Is that cool or what? Now the disclaimer: I think it could be a reproduction, which is still vaulable. Possibly like late 1800's, early 1900's. Some of the details didn't really add up to be in the 1837ish era. Still pretty old, though.

I was planning on painting it, but now, how can I paint it knowing that it’s so old? I feel like I would be wiping out history or something. So we decided to leave it. I guess I will modernize it with accessories and stuff. We’ll see.

So that was my high for the week!



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