Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Rocker

It's been a long while since I posted. First trimester was rough. I had no energy nor motivation left to do anything. I contemplated why I blog and whether I should keep it going. I figured its a helpful way not to bombard FB feeds with my many pictures and a good way to keep a log of all my strange adventures. So here goes...again.

Lately, we are into downgrading. Usually people want to upgrade. But we are very excited to downgrade in this season of our lives. Just need more simplicity. A friend told me, "If you get rid of all this stuff, you will treasure what you have left."

-Sold almost all of my designer handbags on Ebay.
-Sold my many furniture re-dos.
-Planning on moving out of our acre big lot and moving to a town home.
-Repurposing things like parts...

Speaking of repurposing. I sold my nice Glider and ottoman last year. Now that I am in need of another one, I've been debating whether I should reupholster the old chair I bought on Craigslist.

The one on the left: It's a swivel and rocker. SOLID construction and they don't make things like that anymore. (That's one of the reasons I love buying old. It can really outlast the new stuff.) But I just have 0 energy to reupholster the whole thing. So I decided I'll take the guts of it and repurpose it for a new glider.

1. Bought a comfy chair from Ikea w easy machine washable slipcover.

2. Measured the bottom of the chair. Did not attach the legs. 

(Guess who likes to read manuals like in the blood. Good thing Ikea manuals are all picture-based.)

3. Bought a piece of wood and attached the metal glider mechanism. This is where the money is. Nice heavy metal. South Carolina construction from the 70's. Works better than new. It swivels and rocks.

4. Encouraged my laborers to work hard into the night and past bedtime.


Attaching the wood onto the bottom of the chair.

Finished product. Swivels. Rocks. Washable. 

Lesson Learned:
-Whoever thought of washable slipcovered furniture is a genius.
-Slightly uncomfortable getting rid of stuff I've had for years, but once I started, it felt liberating.


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